May never come. Protect them today.



Is when she needs you to think ahead.



Your loved ones, safe and protected.


Life turns on a dime.

You know this.

Sometimes it’s great. You close on your first house. You meet your life partner and get married. You launch a business, the one you’ve been talking about since college.

Sometimes it’s not so great. Your spouse gets injured or falls seriously ill. Your business partner wants to cash out his or her share of the business but you don’t have a partnership agreement in place that spells out the details of a buyout or the dissolution of the partnership.

Whether things are going smoothly or you’re running into challenges, the point is that you have assets you need to protect: financial assets (like a home or business) and emotional assets (like your spouse and children).

Massachusetts Estate Planning and Small Business Attorney

As an attorney with a young family and a growing business I understand your concerns—they are my concerns too. I can provide you with the affordable estate planning and small business legal advice you need to protect the life you’ve worked so hard to create.

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